My Darkest Friends




The Neighbor and Fighting The Darkness are the second and third tracks off of the 11 track Album. titled My Darkest Friends

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released 21 August 2012

Recorded and Mixed at M4II studio by AKIRA INADA(CYBERNE) Mastered by Alan Douches (CONVERGE, Blacklisted, Baroness) Design and Illustration by jacob bannon (CONVERGE)



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Track Name: The Neighbor
おいっ おいっ おいっ と呼びかけても一向に返事しない 見向きもしない

Dear my darkest friends

穏やかな時も 波乱な時も 側に居たのはオマエだけ
全て想像力から産まれるなら オマエの事を何て現そう?

Dear my darkest friends

遠からず近からず 歩み寄る事もさほど無く
また明日 また会ったね お互いほんと苦労が絶えないね
問いかける相手はいつも暗闇の中 この暗闇の中

Dear my darkest friends


Oi, Oi, Oi, no response to my call
Won't even look
Is it a stranger? or myself? bunch of cigarette buds after questioning

Dear my darkest friends

When in calm and when in confusion, you were the only one who stood beside me
If everything is born from imagination, how should I describe you?

Dear my darkest friends

Not too far not too close, hardly ever meet in between
See you tomorrow, oh it's you again. Problems never ends for both of us
What is freedom? What is alone? What is living life?
I always ask this question to this darkness, in darkness 

Dear my darkest friends
Track Name: Fighting The Darkness
暗闇に生きる おまえの気持ちは知らない
暗闇と生きる 俺の気持ち おまえに分かる?


常にソコで 心の底で 共存しようって笑ってるだろ

Fighting the darkness

立ち止まっても走っても いつまでたっても距離は同じ
あぁ どうせならいっそこのまま…思うのはこの先もその先も

Fighting the darkness

眼中の闇 狂気の反映が思考を支配する
叩きのめされる精神 死に行く程に

Fighting the darkness


I don't know how you feel living in darkness
Do you know how I feel to live with darkness
wether it's great or less, does not matter
Everyone's the same
We all think deep in our minds, to happily exist together

Fighting the darkness

Stand still or run, distance won't change
I might of just fuckin'... Will be in my mind forever and

Fighting the darkness

Darkness inside my eyes, reflection of creeping insanity
Dominated mind, beating my soul, beaten till it's death
Thy shall no longer see the light

Fighting the darkness…